Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Not Easily Broken by TD Jakes

Book # 23      Rating: *****

Title : Not Easily Broken
Author (s): TD Jakes

How does a marriage fall apart, and how does one go about saving it? Bestselling author T.D. Jakes (Woman, Thou Art Loosed!) puts those questions at the heart of his novel, which follows Dave and Clarice Johnson as they struggle to recover from a devastating car accident, which shattered Clarice's leg. The physical recovery proves to be far simpler than healing their dissolving marriage: lack of communication and respect, along with divergent priorities, have slowly worn down their relationship. So when Julie, a physical therapist from their church, proves ready to admire and appreciate Dave, an innocent friendship turns into a serious temptation. Are both Dave and Clarice willing to fight for their marriage? And should they? For Jakes, the answer to the second question is clearly yes. He captures the rapidity with which relationships can fall apart, along with the rigorous and painful healing process, which requires honest communication, self-denial and humility. The story is far from a fairy tale and at times too true to life to be readily enjoyable, but readers will find themselves attached to the characters. Jakes's faith appears throughout the story in a gentle way, which should make this book appeal to both Christian and general market readers. --Publishers Weekly

Pages : 256
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