Monday, October 10, 2011

The Witness by Dee Henderson

Book # 39                             Rating: *****

Title : The Witness
Author(s): Dee Henderson

"I know the family secret" Amanda Griffin is on the run. Eight years ago she disappeared after witnessing a terrible crime. Now her family thinks she's dead, but she's back in town...desperate to find a way to protect the ones she loves. " Pay me to go away" Police chief Luke Granger is determined to find out who is behind the threats against Amanda and her sisters. With danger pressing in, there isn't much time, and Luke must put everything on the line. Chief Granger and homicide detectives Connor and Marsh will do whatever it takes to stand in harm's way for the sake of the three Griffin women. It's no longer professional - it's personal. But chances are that at least on of them will fail...And it's going to take faith deeper than any of them currently knows to stand and confront the danger still to come.

Pages: 383
Pages this year: 11665

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