Thursday, November 03, 2011

Unforgotten by Kristen Heitzman

Book # 42                                                 Rating *****

Title : Unforgotten
Author(s): Kristen Heitzman

Lance Michelli had traveled to his grandmother Antonia's old villa in Sonoma to find the truth behind the secrets of her past. There he met Rese Barrett, the woman who now owns the villa and hides secrets of her own. Now Lance has returned to his grandmother with both Rese and the answers he has found. But Antonia refuses to hear what he has to say. Has she really misunderstood the events of that dark night so long ago? Antonia sends Lance on another quest. But this time he discovers that the past has influenced the present far more than anyone realizes. Lance is caught between the two women he loves as he uncovers unforgotten truths that could change them all forever.

Pages : 414
Pages this Year: 12896

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