Monday, June 02, 2014

Plain Faith : A true story of tragedy, loss, and leaving the Amish

Plain Faith : A true story of tragedy, loss, and leaving the Amish written by Irene & Ora Jay Eash with Tricia Goyer, is a compelling story of the life changing events that happened in the Eash household over the 1980s-1990s.

After losing their daughters in a horrible buggy accident, Irene and Ora Jay feel like there is more to it than what they have been thought. The grieving process takes a while and they fall back on Amish traditions and life goes on. But they do not feel like they are healing properly.

After a visit to Montana, to Ora Jay's uncle, the family decides to move for a year to the wild of Montana. They rent out their farm and bring only the essentials. Once their year is over, they decide to make the move permanent. They go back home to sell their property and auction off their things.

In Montana, they fellowship with the Amish community out there and become a part of them. For a while they feel like they fit right in but when they experience a more spiritual Amish gathering they get a taste of what a relationship with Jesus might be. They start attending Christian prayer meetings and even a church service and really enjoy the new fellowship. Of course it doesn't take long for the Amish community to hear about the changes in their lives and silence them in the community since the activities they are partaking in are against the Amish rules. Slowly they are pushed out of the community and welcomed into the Christian Community of Montana. And all the while, receiving reprimanding letters from family and other Amish community members. All the while, facing different challenges, ranging from housing issues, accidents and more. All of them strengthening their relationship with each other and especially with Jesus Christ.

This book is great for all those who are fascinated with the Amish culture or for those who need to renew their faith in how God draws people to Him and the measures He will take to bring them home.
I read through this book in no time since it was so well written and easy to relate to.

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