Sunday, December 28, 2014

The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers by Diane Stortz

The Sweetest Story Bible for Toddlers is a nice board book geared towards little girls. Filled with snippets of Bible stories, it is nicely illustrated and full of color. The text is short and great for toddlers. Although the cover is pink and has ballerinas and little girls on it, the stories are typical Bible stories that are in most toddler Bibles, not all are necessarily for girls, the only exception would be the inclusion of Queen Esther's story. This collection include part of the Creation story, Noah's Arc, Moses's Adoption, Queen Esther, Jesus's Birth, Jesus welcoming the little children and Jesus's death and resurrection. I didn't like that scripture wasn't even directly quoted, I understand that little ones might not grasp the whole meaning of it, but I do think it's important for it to be there. I also wasn't very fond of the way the stories were told, skipping parts and omitting others. I also understand that it's a short story form of the stories, but again I think it is important to have context and the "whole" story. This collection felt more full of holes than it felt holy. The physical book is nice and sturdy and colorful but the inside I didn't like so much. In my opinion, it isn't the "Sweetest" Story Bible for Toddlers.

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