Sunday, February 22, 2015

River's Edge

River's Edge by Terry Blackstock is a thrilling murder-mystery along side a love story and a story of love. You've got Blair Owens the local newspaper owner and main reporter falling in love with Police Chief Cade, who is busy investigating the murder of Lisa Jackson who is a Morgan Cleary's friend and both ladies are dealing with infertility issues and struggling to start their family, now Morgan also happens to be Blair's sister and Morgan's husband is Police Chief Cade's best friend...typical small town dynamics :) Now this book is #3 in the Cape Refuge series, so a lot of the character dynamics are already established, but it was still a compelling read and easy to put together and understand on it's own. I have read a few of Terri Blackstock's novels and have read them out of context, not in order or with the whole series and I really do enjoy her writing, The stories are always compelling and very interesting and very plausible, The one critique I would have is that the stories are broken up in many chapters. A total of 83 chapters in 360 pages. I found that it disrupted the flow of the story a bit, that I was constantly starting a new chapter when the next one could of easily flowed through with the previous chapter. Other than that, I really enjoyed this book and look forwards to reading the next one in this series as well as going back and reading the first two books ! I also would love to finish reading some of Blackstock's other series that I have started before, I would really recommend this book to other Christian readers that enjoy mysteries without all the extra language and graphics most mystery novels tend to have. It is a "clean" story, even though it is a murder story, you can feel God's word flowing through the pages and in the characters lives. I look forwards to reading more of Terri Blackstock's novels and stories.

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