Wednesday, June 08, 2016

I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith

I Love You Just Because by Donna Keith and Illustrated by Alison Edgson is a wonderful little book about the diversity of love in a family. This book is about the Bear family, Mama and Papa Bear have three children, Polar, Brown and Panda. Each child is reminded throughout the book, that they are loved just because. Because they are individials, because they are special and different from each other, because of their gifts and talents, because of their size or color, because of their belonging to the family are all great and wonderful reasons to be loved.

We do not have a blended family or a family with multiple nationalities, but this book is still a great reminder that we are all loved just because. And not just by our parents but by our Heavenly Father as well. He loves us just because. No matter what. I think that that is a great message to teach to our little ones.

The dynamic of the Bear family, other than adoption, is similar to ours, two older and completly different brothers and a soon-to-be little sister. I also find it quite funny, that we often refer to ourselves as the bear family, with our little cubs. This book suits our family quite well!

I like that there are verses along the pages to accompany the different story features. The illustrations are also nice and well done. It did take me a few pages to get use to the author's writing style but I did enjoy it. I also like that the book itself is a board book! Safe for little hands to hold and open and close and explore.

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