Tuesday, August 07, 2018

You can stay home with your kids! By Erin Odom

I was very excited to receive my copy of you can stay home with your kids! By Erin Odum. It's a book I had seen and heard of on social media platforms, and as a stay-at-home mom of 3, I was ecstatic to finally read through it! This small hardcover book, with ribbon bookmark fits perfectly in a diaper bag or purse so that you can take with you and read on the go, because with three kiddos, I surely don't have time to sit and read! I enjoyed the layout and design of the book , as it is separated in neat little chapters, with colorful pages and beautiful designs.

The overall content of the book is great! There are amazing suggestions and ideas. Many that may seem unheard-of or uncommon but are totally worth trying out. All it takes is little tweaks here and there to make it possible to stay home with your kids. Erin Odom, also known as the humbled homemaker, has great advice and tips in this book. My only disappointment is that I already practice most of these or have in the past. I was hoping for new tips and ideas. Although the suggestions and this book would surely help someone who isn't already doing them already!

I will definitely recommend this book to all new moms who are wanting to stay home and just can't figure out how to afford it. It'll definitely become a baby shower staple!

I received my copy of this book for free and exchanged for an honest review about it. See... That's one of the ways that I'm able to indulge in my love of books in a way that does not cost me anything! There's a tip from the book right there! Thank you book look bloggers!

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