Sunday, October 15, 2017

When Parenting isn't Perfect by Jim Daly and Paul Asay

When Parenting isn't Perfect by Jim Daly and Paul Asay is a book I first heard about, months ago, in the Focus on the Family magazine. The introductory article, also by Jim Daly, really spoke to me and captured my attention. I decided it was definitely a book I wanted to read even before the opportunity to review it came up!

Trying to be the perfect parent is every mom and dad's true goal. But every day life challenges that, every day! Being the perfect parent and having the perfect child are two things that are completely impossible, yet we strive for it. And holding our children and ourselves up to that high a standard can actually go against what God wants for us. He gives us the gift of Grace, and we should remember to extend that Grace to our children and of course, to ourselves.

This book isn't a cure all book. But it can help guide and direct you back on the right track. Being a good, strong family is about loving and forgiving each other. Allowing each other grace is the first step. Sometimes things will get hard and testing, but sharing God's Grace will make things smooth out a little.

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