Saturday, January 26, 2013

Yours is the Day Lord, Yours is the Night.

Yours Is the Day, Lord, Yours Is the Night is a great devotional for people on the go, who only need a thought or a prayer to go on in the morning, to reflect upon during the day and and a new closing thought to end the dayright. It has a morning and a night prayer for every day of the year, that adapt for holidays or events, times and seasonal changes throughout the year. They are a combination of Eastern

orthodox , Protestant and Catholic sources, toutching many cultures, continents and time periods. These are great little conversation starters with God or good when you just don't know what to pray any more. This devotional is a good compliment to your daily Bible readings and personal prayer time. Iwould suggest this one to all those who just cant find the time and settle in to a daily chapter devotional or to someone who is just starting to have daily interactions with God and their Bibles.

I enjoyed flipping through it and trying it out, but I would have to say that it is not my type of devotional. I need a bit more than it offers. I did really like it physically, its a hardcover and a great size for the nightstand or Bible bag.

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