Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Unglued Devotional : 60 Days of imperfect progress

Unglued : Devotional - 60 Days of imperfect progress by Lysa Terkeurst 

This has been a very inspiring daily devotional. Lysa examines what it means to be "Unglued" on the inside, from a mother and a wife and a women's perspective. It's an eye opening experience to be able to admit that we are unglued and to embrace the thought of having God help us glue ourselves together. Like the title says, its a journey of imperfect progress, where somedays all you can do is try to be better and on others you thrive in God's love and Glory. I highly recommend this book to all women. It's an easy read, you can connect and relate to Lysa, the author, very well and easily. And to make it easier on your hectic schedule or lack of scheduled life, like mine, it's only a page or so a day. This way you can still get it done if you're on the go and get the good out of it too!

Reading this devotional has definetly made me want to read the Unglued book it's based from and maybe even check out her other books and devotional companions. As a mother and wife and Christian woman, it is very easy to fall into synch with her writting and to relate to what she is writting about. It's a great devotional, you should read it!

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