Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Christian Mama's Guide to Parenting a Toddler.

Everything you need to know and survive (and Love) your child's Terrible Twos. Erin Macpherson did an amazing thing by writing this book. Not only did she make me feel a whole lot less worried and "so I'm doing this right" and "other mom's struggle with this too" kind of relief, but she also opened my eyes to the things to come, like "MINE" which is a word that my darling 18-month old does NOT know yet. I loved how she made lists of helpful hints and ideas for all the things you might have to deal with. My favorite was the snack and meal ideas that are toddler approved and the bedtime battles tips.

 The book is sprinkled with devotionals and Mommy Time Outs. They refresh you and keep you going in the right direction. I'm thinking of writing them out and posting them around the house, just as frequent reminders that God is with me and that he will be there to guide me through anything my darling can throw at me (literally and figuratively!) And I don't know how she managed to write the whole series of Christian Mama's Guides with her three kiddos at hand, but she did. And I am so going to check the rest of the series out too. She is funny and compassionate and you know that she has dealt with what you're going through so she understands ! Reading this book is like sitting at a mom's group sipping coffee and discussing your toddler strategies for the week!I will be recommending it to all of my Toddler Mamas friends and more. Awesome and Uplifting.

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