Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Chasing Francis - A Pilgrim's Tale by Ian Morgan Cron

Chasing Francis - A Pilgrim's Tale is the fictional pilgrimage taken by Pastor Chase Falson. After a tragic event in his Church, he loses his faith in the Jesus he knows. He then embarks on a trip to Rome, invited by his uncle Kenny, a Francisca Priest. Once there, his uncle challenges him to rediscover his faith by going on a pilgrimage. "The word pilgrim comes from the Latin word "peregrinus" which means a person wondering the earth in exile, someone in search of a spiritual homeland."

On his journey, Chase makes new friends, new discoveries and new realizations about his life and his faith. All the time, getting to know St. Francis of Assissi. By the end, he's called back to his Church early and leaves Italy early, but armed with a new action plan for his Church.

This book has a great historical background on Francis of Assissi and Italy's beautiful churches. It was educational and entertaining. It brought me to tears a few times and I laughed out loud a few too. This was a great book for me, right now, I needed a fiction to lighten my reading load and this is exactly what I needed. This was a great book, so good, I've already passed it on to a friend!

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