Monday, March 03, 2014

Distortion by Terri Blackstock

Distortion by Terri Blackstock is book number 2 in the Moonlighters series. It is a Christian suspense fiction story. The continuing story of a family who 2 years prior lost a Joe, Cathy's fiancé. And then a few months ago Jay lost his wife, both were murdered. And now, Juliet witnesses her husband Bob being gunned down in a parking lot. Now, Juliet, Cathy, Jay and their other sister Holly, with the help of Michael a PI (who also employs the sisters) decide to investigate the murder too.  But early on in their investigation, things are not as they seemed to be. A random shooting in a bad part of town turns into a paid hit. Juliet is in shock when she finds threats directed at her and her children on Bob's phone. Their house is broken into, the attackers obviously looking for something. The FBI gets involved and things get complicated. This family's Faith its being put to the test once again. Will their Trust in God and love for each other be enough to get then through this horrible tragedy?

This book, well, I read it in 2 days! and I  sure need to find the first book on the series! It is full of action and suspence that will keep you up at night until you finish the book! You will keep being surprised and shocked as you keep turning page after page. If this story were made into a movie, it would be an awesome one. Definetly one to share with those who enjoy police drama and suspense!

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