Friday, February 21, 2014

Pirates, Mess Detectives and a Superhero!

Pirates, Mess Detectives and a Superhero by Karen Poth.

This Veggietales book is an "I Can Read! Level 1, Beginning Reader" book. Hardcover, it has 3 stories in 1. The first story is with the Pirates (who don't do anything), about how it is important to go and stay in school, because even pirates need to learn math and geography in order to do pirate things. The second story features LarryBoy and mudslinging and centers on forgiveness, especially towards those who have offended you. The third story showcases Bob and Larry's detective skills as well as Junior Asparagus and Larry's lack of listening skills.

I liked how the stories are written, in short, easy to read sentences. It has very colorful pages and all the great Veggietales characters we've grown to know and love. The back of the book says : "...easy-to-read stories that help teach early reading skills as well as sound morals and Bible-based life lessons." Which brings me to that part I didn't "LOVE" about the book. The sound morals are there but I felt that they dominated over the Bible-based content. There are verses at the start of each story and God is mentioned. But I didn't feel like enough for me. As an adult reading the story, you can see it, but I don't think that it would be as obvious to a younger reader. Don't get me wrong, they are great little stories, they are just not as God-centered as I thought Veggietales would be. But great books for new readers ! Definitely recommended as bedtime story materials, it's three stories all in one book! A win for the kiddos :)

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