Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Jesus Bible - NIV

The Jesus Bible - NIV is a hard cover, grey-scale/color Bible for older children/pre-teens. This Bible is about seeing Jesus in every book, not only the New Testament. Each book has an introduction, explaining how Jesus is in the book and notes on how to apply what Jesus taught to your life now. There is also a devotional for every day of the year about Jesus in the Old Testament, which is pretty cool! And also about His teachings in the New Testament! I like how there are glossy pages with tons of extras like the parables and beatitudes and time lines and maps and more! 

But what really got me is that at the back, it's not just a glossary or topical index or dictionary, there is a Concordance !! And it's really cool :) I don't own an "alone" concordance so I always have to borrow my father-in-law's, so I really like that there is one included in this bible! 

I've also been doing a Bible Study with some ladies, for over 2 years now, we've been following : "66 Love Letters" by Dr, Larry Crabb, and in many of the chapters, he underlines Jesus's presence in the Old Testament. So, already realizing that He is there was neat for me, and now here's a whole Bible with that as a main idea. I think it's great. 

This Bible also has a gift/presentation page inside and I can see how it would be a great gift, after baptism, 1st communion or elementary graduation, or simply because they've outgrown their children's Bible :) This one is a good one. 

My only dislike with it is that it's in the new edition of the NIV New International Version, so there are slight differences that might be iffy to talk about, to each his own about that  :)  

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