Saturday, January 18, 2014

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light written by Archbishop Desmond Tutu and illustrated by Nancy Tillman.

Let There Be Light is a beautiful hardcover children's book based on the creation of the world (Genesis Chapter 1) and is perfectly worded for little ones to understand. I love how God is seen enjoying his creation and how it all happened because "His love bubbled over when there was nothing else...". I thought it stayed pretty close to the actual Biblical text. There are two things that I noticed that I didn't find were as close to the text as I would of liked it. The first one being that it's only stated once that "It was day and it was night" and that "God saw that it was good"  and those things are very important, if they were not, God would not have repeated them so many times in the span of one chapter. I wish it would of been said more than once.
The second thing was at the end, it pictures all different ethnicity being created on day 6. Not Adam and Eve. I don't know how to say this in order not to seem prejudicial or racist or not politically correct. Because who knows what color skin Adam and Eve were, but ONLY Adam and Eve were created, not each race. I know it's a children's book and it's written in a way for them to understand, but they can just as easily understand Man and Women being created versus all People coming into being.

Other than those two things, it is a beautifully illustrated book, full of color and life. And the text is nice and had a good flow to it, almost poetic, but for kids :) It was really easy for my two year old to understand and short enough to keep his attention, but long enough for me to be able to question him about what he thought God would create next, or where the moon was and what color was the sun and so on. It is a great book and especially one that tells of the greatest story ever told :)

And It arrived just in time for Sam's birthday, so it was a neat surprise for him. I'm so glad this kiddo loves books like his mama! He just needs to be a bit more careful with them.

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