Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible Signature Series : Phil & Al Robertson Executive Editors

The Duck Commander Faith and Family Bible Signature Series, New King James Version, with executive editors Phil and Al Robertson is just an amazing Bible, not that all Bibles are not amazing, but this one has SO many amazing features, I counted 10 of them! And that's not mentioning the sheer beauty of the pages and cover. Ducks and leaves and nature and prettiness across the bottom of the pages. If you are a fan of the Robertson family and enjoy nature and it's bounty as much as they do, this Bible is a great reflection of that. The paper cove, as seen above is beautiful, but if you're like me, it won't stay on long before it's torn or dirty. The actual hard cover looks like birch bark with a nice brown spine, with the Duck Commander logo top center.

From what I tallied, there are 10, and I may have missed some, features in this Bible. Lots of devotional tools and study helps as well as personal growth and reflection features. To name some, there is 52 Weeks with Al or Phil, Lifechangers, Set Your Sights, On the Hunt, the ABC's of Salvation, 30 Days with Jesus and more!  I think that my favorite one is the Set Your Sights feature. It is a compilation of the topics the Robertson family is most often asked about and are topics most people wonder about. And  then each topic is divided in 5 facets: Faith, Family, Fellowship, Forgiveness and Freedom. Each topic is explained with great perspective and with verses to support it as well. That section is called On the Hunt. In all, 75 topics are discussed.

Overall, I really love this Bible. My husband and I are fans of the Duck Dynasty show and the Duck Commander brand but especially consider the Robertson family as great role models for our Christian life and everyday living. The release of this Bible also coincides with his birthday! And he's been enjoying it as much if not more as I have! Great Book, Amazing Bible, Awesome God. The inside front cover says it all : "Happy, happy, happy are the people whose God is the Lord" - Psalm 144:15.

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