Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Once-a-Day Devotional : Nurturing Great Kids

Once A-Day Devotional: Nurturing Great Kids, 365 practical insights for parenting with grace, is a nice little devotional, by Dan Seaborn and published by Zondervan. It features a four part page for each day of the year, a scripture verse, parenting insights, a parenting principal and points to ponder.  I really like how it's laid out, it's very easy to read and takes just a few minutes to read through. I also really like that it's a new topic everyday, unlike some devotionals I have read, that follow a topic for a few days and then move on to an other, this one gives you a fresh perspective on a variety of parenting issues everyday. I enjoyed how simple of a devotional it is. It is thought provoking and insight generating but without the added stress and time of having to decipher what the message is supposed to be or having to think too much about it. Because, let's face it, as a parent, we don't always have time to stop and think! It's no-nonsense approach makes it that much simpler...and harder to pass up devotional time now that's its easy! It is divided in calendar days (January 1st is day 1) so you can either decide to start on New Years day, or on which ever day you want to start! And to top it off, the cover is absolutely adorable! Having just had our second child, he's a week old today! I see how much more valuable time is and to start the day off in a positive and Godly way is even more important now. I really would recommend this book to all parents, especially those needing that extra "umph" in the morning! Happy Reading

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