Monday, December 08, 2014

The Daniel Plan

The Daniel Plan : 40 Days to a HEALTHIER life by Rick Warren D.MIN., Daniel Amen M.D. & Mark Hyman M.D. is what seems to be a really good idea ! It's not a diet book, it's a lifestyle change book. It's based off of the story of Daniel (Old Testament, pretty awesome dude, fought the lions in the den, you know?) and the part where he challenges the king's food and eats the healthy foods he is use to. The Daniel Plan is based on the Five "F"s : Faith, Food, Fitness, Focus & Friends.

To regognize that your body is given to you by God, as a gift. A gift that Jesus paid the ultimate price for. The Bible says in multiple different places that we should take care of our bodies. They are a temple, The Spirit resides in it. And then the Food that fuels it should also be food that heals it, not put it in worse shape that it's in already. So then, once you are properly fueled, you should harness that energy and put it to good use by exercising and focusing on the right choices for your body. You should also concern your self with your brain's well being. Stress and all of life's challenges can be harmful to your mental health. A sound mind in a sound body, is that how it goes ? Focusing on your brain is important too! And most of all, having a great support system is ideal with all healthy lifestyles. Friends to encourage you and keep you accountable to your goal are a big part in being successful in most things in life !

I really liked how this book was written, it's not in a condoning way or a mean "we-are-supper-healthy-and-you-are-not kind of way, |It;s relate-able and  easy to read through. It also has great meal plans and list and receipes  and all sorts of fun stuff. As well as lots of scripture and Biblical references.

I enjoyed this book and plan to gift it to my mother-in-law for Christmas. I would recommend it to all who feel like making better lifestyle changes but are not too sure where to start. Start here!

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