Saturday, March 28, 2015

Twisted Innocence

Twisted Innocence by Terri Blackstock is another great story by an author I am really starting to enjoy reading. Twisted Innocence is book three in the Moonlighters series. This series follows three sisters and a brother through tragedy after tragedy sprinkled with God’s Grace and lots of love.  I have yet to read the first book, Truth Stained Lies, but I did get a chance to read Distortion, book number two, about a year ago and did really enjoy it and got attached to the characters then and got to know them even better now. 

This time, it’s Holly is the one dealing with a crisis. The father of her new born baby is wanted for questioning about a drug-related murder. Although he’s unaware that she was actually pregnant and had the baby until a few days before he goes into hiding from the police and the drug traffickers that want him dead.  She tries to find him by herself, without involving her siblings and gets caught up in his mess when all she wanted was to make sure he wouldn’t interfere with her and her baby girl. The Cramer family’s worst enemy, Leonard Miller is involved in the murder that Creed (the baby daddy) is being investigated for, which stirs up so many memories and and hurts and the need for closure. 

With so many sub-story lines there is a lot to keep track of in this book, and I would think it hard to understand if you have not read the previous book. Especially since the characters are very established and are in complicated relationships. The story is great but would not be recommended to readers without knowledge of the series. The end of the book is pretty wrapped up, so I’m wondering if there will be more books to this series, it would be nice to see how it all ends up – character-relationship-wise and to see the Cramers/Hogan’s take on new PI cases! 

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