Tuesday, July 07, 2015

All You Want to Know about the Bible in Pop Culture

All You Want to Know about the Bible in Pop Culture: finding our Creator in Superheroes, Prince Charming and other modern marvels by Kevin Harvey.  I started to read this book when I first received and, but unfortunately I misplaced it and lost it. It took so long to find it since I had an accident and couldn’t actually get up and look for it but anyway, I missed it! I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it again and read it! It is so well written and easy to read and just so funny!  And best of all it’s SO TRUE! It is a refreshing read, perfect for the summer or anytime. Kevin Harvey simply puts it best. He brings up so many little details that I hadn’t noticed before that are so full of Truth and so simple that I almost feel silly since I didn’t see them the first or even second time I watched those movies! I never saw the parallel between Despicable Me  and Psalm 68 and Deut. 10:18. Or even how Frozen is all about sacrificial love… Just as the Bible is.
 And then Havey shows us how so many of our common sayings are actually rooted in the Bible, if not simply direct quotes from God’s Word. Job was the first to “Escape by the skin of his teeth”, Jeremiah to say that the leopard can’t change his spots. The Bible has such a big presence in today’s culture and we don’t even see it. There are so many little doors that are planted in movies, music and TV, all we have to do is open those doors and we will open conversations with our unsaved friends and family.  Why try and make things harder, they are hearing God’s message every time they go to the movies or turn on the radio. All we have to do is bring it up to them, show them the message! 

This book was a great read, which I will probably re-read since there is so much information in it! It has a beautiful eye-catching cover and has a pleasant surprise at the back…Crosswords, Word search and more!  I’d say it’s the perfect summer book. I would totally recommend it. And actually already have. If you are entertained by Pop Culture, you will enjoy this book.

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