Monday, August 10, 2015

The Believe Storybook

The Believe Story Book: Think, Act, Be Like Jesus written by Randy Frazee with Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton and illustrated by Steve Adams. This book is wonderful. The illustrations are so beautiful and full of color and illustrate the stories in a great way. I absolutely like how the chapters are formatted and especially the flow of the book. It’s not Genesis to Revelations, it’s all mixed up and actually easier to relate and explain to little ones as well as more flowing for myself and you get to see the different aspects of Jesus throughout the book while jumping through the Bible. Everything is very well matched. In each chapter there is a Key Question, an Old Testament passage, a Jump to Jesus page that relates the Old Testament to the New Testament, which is the next part of the chapter. Then, The Jesus Answer finishes of each chapter. It goes over the chapter as a whole and strengthens the Key Idea and introduces a Key Verse for that topic.

 I find it easy to read, the vocabulary is child-appropriate and the illustrations captivating. With 30 chapters total, dived in 3 sections, the first being the core beliefs of Christianity, followed by the core practices of Christian life and finished with the core virtues of a Christian life. So how to think like Jesus, Act like Jesus and how to Be like Jesus.

This book is recommended for older children, (4 and up) but I did read through it with my 3 year old and he understood the stories just fine. He did have a harder time with some of the questions and the illustrations did distract him a little but only because they are so well done, “Hey mama, is that Jesus?” and asking questions relating to the pictures and genuinely enjoy the book. I plan on using this book as a teaching tool as we slowly start homeschooling.  I would sincerely recommend this book to every family with children who want to help further their own and their children’s understanding of who God is and how to be more like Jesus. It is a really sturdy hard cover book with beautiful illustrations that could be passed down through the whole family. It’s great for family devotion time or one-on-one with a little one. Your family will love it. 

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