Tuesday, September 08, 2015

The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones

The Berenstain Bears Storybook Bible for Little Ones by Jan and Mike Berenstain is a totally adorable board book. It is full of bright colors and showcases 8 wonderful stories from the Bible, from Genesis to the Resurrection. The text is minimal and perfect for little ones understanding. The illustrations are great and typical Berenstain Bears fashion. Great detail has been put in to this book. There are a few things I would pick at though.  Like how the violence is very dulled down, an example: The stone hits Goliath’s forehead. David stuck down the giant, but no mention of him perishing. And in the Resurrection story, it mentions that the guards hurt Jesus and that he died that day. No mention of the crucifixion. I understand that the book is geared towards children. But I do believe that they should be aware of the whole story. Jesus suffered for our sins, he didn’t just get hurt. The only other thing that caught my attention, actually it was my toddler who noticed it. With all the characters being golden bears, he got confused with the Daniel and the lion’s den story. He thought the bears were lions as well. But other than that, it’s your typical Bible board book. Perfect for babies and toddlers! Exposing them to God’s Word early on in life is one of the best parenting tips I could give to anyone. It had made a difference in my life and of my children. I hope this one becomes a staple in your family’s library as it has become one in ours. Who doesn’t love the Berenstain Bears J 

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