Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Comeback: It's Never Too Late and You're Never Too Far by Louie Giglio

The Comeback by Louie Giglio, It's Never too Late and You're Never too far is in inspirational book for all those who feel that things within them and around them have changed and they want to make a comeback into grace. The Bible is full of comebacks, from Moses and Joseph and of course, the biggest of comebacks, Jesus Christ himself. He came so that we could have the ultimate comeback. When you choose to believe and live a life of Faith in Jesus, your ultimate comeback will as you pass away from this world and into Heaven. You will be made new again and be part of His perfect world. Now that doesn't mean we have to wait until then to have our comeback. Everyone is the underdog of their own story. Some seem to need a comeback more than others and at different times in their lives. We need to rely on God and His Grace to get us through to the other side. He is offering all of us a comeback, right now. It is up to us to take it and become new in Him. He will do wonderful things in your life, if you let Him in. It is never too late to Trust in the Lord and to do Good. Then on the road to your comeback, you must Dwell in the Land and Befriend Faithfulness. You won't see all that God is planning for you but you must be faithful and wait on His time. This is not the easiest part, but God will work in your life in those times, sometimes in ways that can't be seen, You must also Delight Yourself in the Lord and He Will Give You the Desires of Your Heart. We must keep the delight in Him first, the fulfillment will happen, just second. Then, Commit Your Way to the Lord; Trust in Him and He Will Act. Trust in Him and He will act. God always has our best interests at heart. He is, after all, our Heavenly Father. What parent doens't want the best for their child. We must trust in Him and He will guide us through our comeback. He has the power to change us and He will, if we want Him to. It's up to you.


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