Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Fresh Infusion of Joy

A Fresh Infusion of Joy: 5 Minutes with Jesus by Sheila Walsh with Sherri Gragg is a very cute little devotional book. It's hardcover and small enough to fit in a Bible bag, purse or to take up minimal space on your nightstand. Inside, each devotional part is divided into three little sections. First, a fun and inspirational little story, with lots of insight, followed by a key thought and sum of the story, and to close, Five Minutes in the Word. There is a list of Bible verses to read, that shouldn't take you more than five minutes to read through, and that you can keep meditating upon, throughout the day, that reinforce the key thought for the day. It is a well put layout that works well for a short devotional time.

 I enjoy the fact that it is short and sweet. Yes, Jesus should be your number one priority, but you don't always have time to make time for Him, or at least not all in one time slot. Being able to have all of it in front of me, ready to go, when I have five minutes to devote to God, is great. Having three children under five years of age can be a handful and having multiple books opened and a good Bible study time is hard to have when they are all up and running. This book makes it easy and simple. It doesn't give me the in depth study rich time I need but it does allow me five minutes with Jesus when I need to refresh and reconnect. A definite recommendation for busy moms and busy people at work too. Perfect for your office drawer or your kitchen counter.

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