Monday, October 03, 2016

Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury

Really Woolly 5 Minute Bedtime Treasury by Bonnie Rickner Jensen and illustrated by Donna Chapman and Julie Sawyer Phillips is a wonderful night time or anytime book for little ones. Shinny hardcover and beautifully illustrated, it holds 30 stories and even a prayer page and dedication page. Each chapter holds verses and poems and thought provoking questions for little ones. It reads with a nice flow and has great illustrations to accompany the story. 

One thing I really like about it is that each story chapter is outlined in a different color. So, for those who's little ones want to read the WHOLE book in one night, it's clearly a new color therefor an other story for an other night :) It also has a ribbon page marker, so you can pick up where you left off. Over all, I enjoy the flow of the book and the way each story is laid out. It reads smoothly and the boys loved it. They enjoyed the rhymes and rhythm of the poems and of course the questions. Each little story has some thought provoking, pondering questions, that are great to get their little heads a little more tired and ready for bed.

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