Friday, November 04, 2016

Good Night Manger by Laura Sassi

Good Night Manger written by Laura Sassi and illustrated by Jane Chapman is a wonderful board book. Well constructed and bound, this sturdy little book tells us all about putting our Savior to bed! With beautifully rhymed verses, this story is almost too good and very true. When Mama Mary tries to put the little babe down to sleep in the manger, the straw wakes him and he fusses as the angels in the sky make too much noise announcing His birth! As everyone works together, the blessed babe finally falls asleep.

The story is so well written and has such rhythm that I was actually singing it as a lullaby to my little ones. Those same little ones who also enjoy "Good Night Ark" which is also written by Laura Sassi. Surprisingly, Good Night Manger is a board book, as Good Night Ark is a hardcover paper page book. (Which the boys have already been slightly torn.) I am delighted it is a board book, it can handle all the love the kiddos will give it!

The animals and manger scene are well illustrated and the expressions on Mary's face are just right as she continually tries to put the little babe down for a nap and He is continually awaken. Having an infant at the moment, I can't really imagine trying to put a baby to sleep in a manger, with the animals trying to help, the angels singing outside, shepherds bursting in and three kings knocking on the door!

This is a lovely little adaptation of the birth of Jesus Christ. Well written and easy to understand and relate too for little ones and grown ups a like.    

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