Monday, October 24, 2016

The Beginner's Bible - Holy Bible KJV

My husband and I rather the King James Version of the Bible over all the new modern translations. We find that so many of the verses and the context is changed and lost in all the new ones. It may still be God's Word but man has modernized it and changed it to better suit themselves. Whereas the King James is more intact and whole. It isn't hard to understand or to read, it simply features syntax and grammar that we don't see everywhere any more. While adult King James Bibles are not hard to come by, but children's are a little sparse. When I saw that this Beginner's Bible was a KJV I just about jumped on it! We want to have one readily available and inviting to our little ones, and this one is! The cover is attracting, the font is huge, (11.5 font size), a lot of colored illustrations to help understand the stories better and a concordance for all those "big words" ! It is very child friendly and a good size to hold on to with little hands. I am very happy with it and it's content, and so will our boys when they open it up for Christmas.

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