Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Lords Prayer - Words of Hope and Happiness by Rick Warren

The Lords Prayer - Words of Hope and Happiness by Rick Warren and illustrated by Richard Jesse Watson is a great rendition of the Lord's Prayer. The verses are taken from the King James Bible, which I appreciate greatly, especially since more modern translations take away bits and pieces from the original text. It is broken down well and every part of it is explained so that little minds can grasp the concept of what each part truly means. This is also a great reminder for us adults as well! Especially as this prayer is to be the model of how we should be praying all the time. A refresher never hurts! The illustrations are simply wonderful. The detail and the colors just merge together and make it a real work of art. Each page also contains a short little prayer, so easy for our little ones to recite and it ties the whole page together.

If I would have realized that it also came in the form of a board book, I may have opted for it. Knowing that my boys are not the most gentle ones of the bunch and we are sure to have a few little tears in the pages before they outgrow this book. But the hardcover is nice and the book itself is big enough. (Close in size of an 8 1/2 x 11 page, but a little shorter.)

This would be a great Dedication gift book or even Baptizism gift as well. Any occasion to further our little one's knowledge of the Lord is a good one.  

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