Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Lots of Love by Kim Washburn

Lots of Love by Kim Washburn is a lovely board book for toddlers. Rhyming texts and colourful illustrations are sure to capture your toddler’s attention. This book is all about how to show your love to others as you go through your day. Greeting people and hugging family members, even caring for pets are all little acts that will show love. 

This book is well geared towards little ones under the age of 5, although my big boy, who’s four, did appreciate the story, thought it was a little bit babyish. The book itself, we noticed, does contain a lot of pink, which isn’t a bad thing but did not please our “manly” boy. I ended up gifting it to our little niece that is just over a year old. She seemed to love the illustrations and the “texture” and the fact that is was sturdy. I think this is why most parents rather board books!

I would recommend this book to parents of little ones. It is classified as Christian Literature, one of the last pages mention God. This is a positive point in our house. I only wish His love were the main focus of the book, since it is that important.  Overall, cute board book about showing love.

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