Monday, February 13, 2017

Cherish by Gary Thomas

Cherish: The One Word That Changes Everything For Your Marriage by Gary Thomas is a book about what it means to cherish and how to apply it to your marriage. Like the cover says, the message in this book will fill your relationship with new hope and promise. Most relationships today focus solely on loving each other and that is not enough. A husband and wife need to cherish each other. But what does that mean? Cherishing each other means making your spouse feel wanted, noticed and liked, not just loved.

I really enjoyed this book, it felt like the author, Gary Thomas, was really speaking to me. The way he writes, he brings the message about in such a way that the reader understands exactly and clearly what he is saying. His examples are great and relate-able. The essence of this reading material speaks of truth, given to us from God's Holy Word.

This is a great read, I would recommend it to all couples. Weather it be pre-marriage, in the heat of struggles or in the valley of marriage bliss or even those celebrating silver and golden anniversaries. All should read this book and take it's truth to heart and apply it.Everyone should love but also cherish their spouse.

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