Friday, March 24, 2017

Thank You, God, for Grandma by Amy Parker

Thank You, God, for Grandma by Amy Parker and illustrated by Rosalinda Knightley is an adorable board book featuring two bear cubs and a grandma bear. It vocalizes how a grandmother is precious and tender, loving and caring for her grandchildren. It showcases the different things a grandmother does or lets you do, like baking, playing dress up in her closet, exploring all the hidden treasures of her house, snuggles and songs and even teaching the grandchildren love and compassion towards others. There are many reasons to thank God for Grandmas, Nanas and Mimis too, Gigis and Grams and Grandmommies and this book helps show them all.

This book is really adorable and especially since our family has a thing for bears, I am sure that Nana Bear is going to love this for Mother's day! It is easy to read and has rhythm and could easily be read by a grandchild. It would also make a great gift to a grandma-to-be as an announcement! The illustrations are very nice and well detailed. Our cubs love looking through it. And I am totally okay with that since it's a nice thick board book, my favorite kind. I also love how it weaves God into the story and let's His Love shine through.

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