Friday, May 12, 2017

Thank you God for Grandpa by Amy Parker

Thank you God for Grandpa by Amy Parker and illustrated by Rosalinda Knightly is a lovely board book celebrating grandfather. The gorilla characters are charming and adorable and give life to all the grandfatherly adjectives and activities portrayed in the book. The rhyming story portrays a patriarch leading his grand children in a godly way but also passing on his own wisdom and knowledge. As well as showering the little apes with love and an extra serving of dessert, it shows how much fun grandfathers can be. The words of the story flow well and the illustrations are playful and reflect well the youthfulness that those grand children can bring to an old grandpa!

My little ones really enjoyed the book. Checking out what the gorillas were doing and comparing to the activities that they do with their do with their Pawpa was really fun for them. They were satisfied with the story’s length and it kept their attention. They noticed the little details in the illustrations and thought some were funny. They over all enjoyed it and are eager to give it to their Papaw for father's day. I would definitely recommend this book and it’s partner book, Thank you, God for Grandma.

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