Friday, June 09, 2017

Grandpa Hugs

Grandpa Hugs by Laura Neutzling is an adorable board book. It is a follow up to Grandma kisses and just as cute! It aims to highlight all those things that grandpas are good at! It is charming and children, well mine did at least, will relate and recall the activities portrayed by forest creatures depicting grandfathers and their grandchildren. Our children refer to one of their grandfathers as Pawpa Bear, and with all the forest animals and perfect count of grandchildren depicted in the book, they thought it was about them! That is how much the story is easy to relate to and grasp. This book is great for toddlers and preschoolers. The same model is repeated through out the book, which they seemed to enjoy. They anticipated the repetition of the rhythms in the text. The illustrations are great and captivated their attention, and of course, it being a board book, it voided the need to be extra careful with turning the pages and makes it easier to share! It even mentions praying with grandpa, which is important for our family.
Overall, it has a great message of grandfatherly love. It is nice and easy to read and captivated little ones attention very well. It is definitely a great addition to the family library, as well as the Church Nursery and daycare books!

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