Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Man Enough by Nate Pyle

Man Enough by Nate Pyle is a book that has furthered my understanding of the inner-workings of my husband, father, brothers and male friends. Reading this book has opened my eyes to the way they see their manhood and how they make their decisions and come to the realizations that they come to. I am no male brain expert but with this book, I now understand a bit better.

You don't need to do manly things nor do you need to prove yourself. Weather to yourself or your fellow male friends, there is no prerequisite to be dubbed a manly man. Society puts out so many standards of what a man should be, but no one can uphold them all. God accepts us all, no big manly terms or conditions, just love Him and serve Him. He will love you no matter what. And in accordance with that, you will be called in accordance to God's will to take part in things that some might not think of super manly. But, that's all part of God's plan for each one of us, calling us to do things out of our comfort zones, for Him. You are man enough to do ANYthing God calls you to do.

Society's idea of what a man is, is always changing. Things men can and should do shift as our society shifts. Wearing pink is not ok, only brave men wear pink, all men should wear pink, you're not a real man if you don't wear pink. You can replace "pink" with "sports" or "technology" or anything you want. But God will never change.

Those are just some realizations I have had from reading. There are plenty more. It was interesting reading, especially from a female perspective. But, knowing that I am raising boys, it has changed my outlook on some things. I would recommend this book to other mama's of boys, young ones or older ones, for a better understanding. I am looking forwards to my husband's thoughts about this book, to get a man's perspective.

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