Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The NIrV Giant Print Holy Bible

The NIrV Giant Print Holy Bible published by Zondervan was on my doorstep this morning. It's cover is nice and hard and very colorful and bright. The pages are nice and white! My usual Bible has off-white pages so these are nice and crisp and so nice to look at! And the font is SO big compared to what I am use to, it is so easy on the eyes. It is a nice size and the font is easy to read. I almost forgot that it was a Bible.

I was a little apprehensive about the New International reader's Version. I had not heard good things about it. But after reading the introduction and actually understanding the differences it has from the NIV. First off, I thought the "r" stood for revised. It doesn't. It's for Readers. This Bible is designed with readers in mind. It has changed little things, yes. but for the readers benefits. Like putting the same name everywhere when the same thing is mentioned but under different names. It also went back to the roots of biblical texts and sourced it's information there. Some texts were not all available when the Bible was published modernly. With all the technology available today, it only makes sense to have access to more and to update the manuscript with the new information available. I appreciated how up-front that information is. Because I didn't know this, I had a misinformed opinion about this Bible version.

I looked up some of my favorite verses and passages and it all looks like I remember it to. It's just easier to read and to understand. This Bible is recommended for younger readers that are just starting out as well as for older readers that need the bigger font and ease of a simpler text. I would recommend this Bible to anyone wanting to further their understanding and appreciation of God's word.

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